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This project was born during a Kickstarter in November 2023 with the intention to support DMs with inspiration and preparation 


With over 80 maps and pieces of art, the gorgeous visuals of this book will inspire DMs and players alike.


With lore and 5e mechanical content, DMs can dratically cut prep time and focus on what matters most: the characters. 

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If you want to save prep time and impress your players, you must have this book 🙂

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Wyrm Lake gallery

Wyrm Lake is a region in which the properous, yet small town of Lifeden is located. Recently, a massive and mystical dragon has been sighted around Mount Crimson and the populace now worries about the situation. What they don’t know is that the dragon is an illusion created by the town’s healer, who is a dragon herself. She uncovered an imminent attack from orcs and goblins and was gravely wounded when confronting the army. She’s now using all her remaining strength to keep the enemies at bay. Can your party help the people of Lifeden? 

Cloudcaves gallery

Cloudcaves is a small set of earth mote (flying islands) which contains a cave network. The volareum grows there, a fungus with magical properties which can be used to produce potions of flying. Over the years, many groups, individuals, and organizations tried to take advantage of this remote place, but doom always followed. Recently, some monkey humanoid pirates started a devilish cult with the goal of bringing their devil patron back.

The troubled vale gallery

The Troubled Vale is about an ancient valley which was once the craddle of a civilization of philosphers who valued intellectual debate coupled with physical challenges and strength. Their leader’s paranoia caused them to become extinct, affecting the nature of the vale in the process. 

The forsaken bog gallery

The Forsaken Bog was once a beautiful forest which was corrupted by a forgotten dark entity that was found by a young girl. She later became a bog witch, and now she runs an orphanage in the bog, using the children to turn them into wood-monsters, which the entity feeds upon their souls. Can your party bring peace and save the kids? 

The Scarred jungle gallery

The Scarred Jungle is home to the Elden Scars, a tribe of elves who were nearly decimated, and are now under the influence of a demon who feeds on their fear and paranoia. They continue to behave is if they were still at war with an enemy they already forgot. Can your party reason with them and bring them peace once more?

the red woods gallery

The Red Woods is a peaceful and beautfil forest filled with red maple and redbud trees, hidden from most of the world via an illusion magic. The nearby common folk visit the woods yearly as part of the Crimson Festival, in which they bring offering to the fey people who live in the grove: the faersona. But the woods now face the menace of the Sharpclaws, evil druids who took the forest to themselves. Can the party help the fey take their home back?

rockfort gallery

Rockfort is a small town led by an engineer artificer who created tinspring, small constructs which help in the day-to-day tasks of the citizens. However, an outbreak occurs and now these constructs are acting on their own, sowing chaos and destruction. Can your party stop them?

the skull fort gallery

Wyvern Island is an accursed and mysterious isle that few remember existed. Mist wyverns lurk within the mystical fog that surrounds the location, once the crew of a famed pirate who got involved with the wrong people. Cepheus was cursed, turned into a paragon wyvern. Can your party put an end to his misery?

wyvern island gallery

The Skull Fort was hidden for a long time but is now occupied by a necromancer who learned how to tap into the powers that souls can bring. She developed a way to create a powerful undead—dark vessels—using the soulless corpses that she leaves once she extracts the soul, replacing it with several tormented souls which she found in the fort. Can the party root the evil out of the fort?

Aquacadent gallery

Aquacadent is the City of Waterfalls, a high fantasy settlement ran by a marid Queen. She manages to offer a good quality of life to her people by ransoming water access to nearby nations. Can the party put an end of this madness? 

the great library gallery

The Great Library is a bastion of knowledge and wisdom, a place which many dream in going if they had what it takes to be admitted inside. The Masters of the Unknown conduct a tough interview process with anyone who intends to set their feet in this temple to knowledge. However, a special guest is now being harbored by the monks who live in the library, having brought with him a cursed book which threatens to set a great evil free. Will the party help the monks, or protect the world against this evil?

the shining ring gallery

The Shining Ring is a paradiac location untouched from humanoid hands, a mythical place that few know about. Guarded and taken care of by Ebony Elders, these marvelous plains are home to the Golden Dahlia, a rare flower with powerful healing capabilities. And now that a new, unknown disease has taken place, many are looking to get their hands on these flowers. Can the characters handle the situation?

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