Amazing Encounters & Places

This project was born during a Kickstarter in October 2021 with the intention to support DMs with inspiration and preparation 


With over 140 maps and pieces of art, the gorgeous visuals of this book will inspire DMs and players alike.


With lore and 5e mechanical content, DMs can dratically cut prep time and focus on what matters most: the characters. 

What you get

All this compiled in a beautiful book with 300 pages!!

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Scroll through this page to take peeks at the artwork, maps, layout spreads!

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The Bountiful Strand map gallery

The Baskan Strand is the newest hotspot for adventurers and treasure hunters along the northeastern coast. Whether you’re beachcombing in the vast sandy beaches of Luckernaught or trading off relics in the floating market of Seagull’s Nest, beware the Reef Raiders!

The Sunken Shore map gallery

Come along this long stretch of coast where pirates and monsters dwell. Uncover their treasures and become a legend.

Crownjade wood map gallery

Be faced with a beautiful forest divided by conflicting factions which have their own plans in regards to the Archway, an ancient magic portal which doomed many nations with its divination powers.

The Singing Grove map gallery

Explore this stunning yet perilous grove, home to ravenous harpies, vicious lizardfolk, and unholy undead. Explore and discover this region’s secret and restore the balance of nature.

The Alabaster Fangs map gallery

In the Alabaster Fangs, vestiges of an ancient battle appear behind the layer of gypsum that has been washed away from the walls in the narrow path leading to the quaint village of Giants’ Lookout. There, storytellers and adventurers meet under the starry night to tell their tales to the mountaineers. But around them, danger lurks in the heights.

The Sky Isles map gallery

Visit the secluded home of the Phoenix Monks under the cloudless skies of the Sky Isles. A breathtaking place where loyalty and discipline rules all things.

Sarsben's Lowlands map gallery

Fens, marshes, and morasses of a multitude of colors house the most incredible and sinister stories and creatures. While a few peaceful inhabitants make their living out of the resource-rich wetlands, powerful visitors disrupt the unusual balance of the place where once sat a proud sibyl queen.

The Restless Bog map gallery

This threatening swamp is certainly not for first-time adventurers. With dangers ranging from gargantuan mud worms that devour travelers to cultist giants that worship eldritch beings—all kept in check by a mad gold dragon—survival is by no means assured. How will your party fare?

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