Amazing Encounters & Quests

This project is aimed to be launched via a Kickstarter around early May 2023. It’s going to be a 5e book composed of detailed encounters and supported by maps, like countless products from CZRPG. 


All these encounters have been either published, delivered via email, or via free post over our Patreon. However, we are now putting them under The Amazing RPG brand, and going for a physical book. 


With this books, DMs fill in the gap in between adventures, or even within an adventure, helping save prep time! 

What you will get

All this compiled in a beautiful book with 180 pages!!

Get to know The Amazing!

Scroll through this page to take peeks at the artwork, maps, layout spreads!

Be amazed!

Wilderness map gallery

You can find below a preview of all the wilderness maps present in this product so you can decide if you want to support this project, helping bring life to it. We would sure be thrilled with your support!

Urban map gallery

Here are more previews, but this time you’ll find the urban-themed maps.

Tied Wilderness map gallery

The encounters that were delivered over our Patreon occur in 12 maps that can be tied into one large 80×60 map. Check out the 12 maps below.